Our Program

The program at Bright Future is designed as a diverse mixture of mental, emotional and physical activities that provide a balanced mixture of stimulus.

  • Group time each morning with the children and their teacher for group sharing, singing, fingerplays, group games, and stories.
  • Small group time each day with the primary caregiver.
  • Free choice time inside and outside everyday (unless the weather does not permit).
  • Regular meal and rest times.
  • Age appropriate in-house events every 1-3 months.
  • A schedule of activities throughout the day that balance the quiet and active play and provide opportunities for large and small motor skill experiences.

Trips to the Park

Parents need to sign a permission slip at enrollment that authorizes us to take their child to nearby parks if they would like their child to enjoy trips to the park.

Birthdays and Celebrations

Bright Future Child Celebrates each child’s birthday, generally on the closest weekday to their actual birthday. We ask parents not to bring food or gifts to the daycare to celebrate their child’s birthday. We haveour own birthday traditions to mark a child’s birthday. These may include a special activity, songs, or project. Parents are encouraged to participate by visiting the daycare for an activity. Please speak to us to determine the best way for you to join in the celebration.


Infant/Toddler Program: Diapers are provided; the cost is included in your monthly fee.

Preschool Program: Training Pants must be provided by parents until their children are fully toilet trained.


The cost and preparation of breakfast, lunch, and snacks is included in the fee for infants/toddlers and preschoolers. For children on formula, parents must provide prepared baby bottles with formula every day. We do provide organic whole milk once child are off formula, even if they take it in a bottle, but parents must provide clean bottles everyday. We prepare a hot lunch everyday and serve nutritionally balanced meals and snacks as outlined by the Children’s Nutrition Council. Menus are posted in the kitchen. Times for meals and snack are as follows: Breakfast from 8:00 –8:30, morning snack, lunch from 11:45 -12:30, and an afternoon snack.

Parents who wish to bring food for their child because of allergies, dietary consideration, or religious preference must provide the daycare with a written statement to that effect. All food brought from home must be nut free and clearly marked with the child’s name. Staff will not prepare special food, but we will serve the ready-to-eat foods parents provide for children with special needs.

NOTE: Please keep Bright Future Child Care updated on any allergies your child may have. We do not allow peanut butter, nuts, or food containing these ingredients in our programs.

Rest Time

A daily quiet time is part of our routine. The length of this time depends upon the age of the child and individual needs, but all children will have time for rest. This is a licensing requirement, and research and our experience tell us that children’s brain development and physical well-being require regular rest periods during the day. If you have questions about your child’s particular schedule, please let us know.


Broadcast television is not available to children at any time in our daycare. A video or DVD may be played occasionally as a special activity or as part of an exploration of a particular topic, but TV is not in our regular curriculum.


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